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Exhibición sobre la malaria – Biblioteca Nacional de España

Virtual Malaria. Magní­fica vista virtual de la exhibición sobre la malaria recién estrenada en la Biblioteca Nacional de España

The Nurses’ Record 1913 – Reforming Ambition in a Historic Penn Yearbook

The album shows off a new nursing identity: trainees as scientifically-informed professionals. The editorial board fashioned the publication to express a proto-feminist esprit de corps. Its pages emphasize the university context of training, and reveal a competent and ambitious graduating class

The Quack Doctor – adverts for patent medicines in a site edited by Caroline Rance

Visit The Quack Doctor – historical fiction writer, Caroline Rance’s (real) collection of panacean powders, pills, potions and pamphlets, as advertised in historical newspapers

A Plague in Gotham – Blog from NYHS Exhibit on 1832 Cholera Epidemic in NYC

Gotham calling! Blog of the New York Historical Society’s exhibit, ‘A Plague in Gotham,’ on the 1832 cholera epidemic, with VODcast live exhibition walk-thru

A Thanksgiving Sermon on the Cessation of the Cholera Morbus

In the nineteenth century sermons were a primary method by which the clergy addressed their community during times of social panic. When a terrible cholera epidemic broke out in Montreal in 1832, leaders of Lower Canada’s anglophone clergy like Reverend Micajah Townsend were already adherents of modern notions that disease had natural and physical causes. [...]

Mexico City’s Moments of Epidemic Emergency, April 23-29

Noted historian of Mexican public health, Claudia Agostoni, reflects from within the current influenza epidemic, on forced hygiene education and general uncertainty. One week after the declaration of a sanitary emergency in the country, the daily life of the inhabitants of one of the most populated cities in the world has been deeply shaken. On [...]


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