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Stern and Markel editorial – Ottawa Citizen

, historians of medicine, Alexandra Stern and Howard Markel inform current policy with their expertise in best public health outcomes during the flu pandemic of 1918-20

University of Michigan Influenza Digital Archive

Happy Birthday, Guenter Risse! Visit the of this distinguished historian of medicine

Measuring the New World: Creole Pathways of Imperial Knowledge

Neil Safier’s recent book, (2008) explores with new purpose the Franco-Hispanic Expedition, sent to Quito in the mid-eighteenth century to determine the shape of the earth at the equator. Cultures of Health had the opportunity to interview the author of this award-winning book (Gilbert Chinard Prize of the Society for French Historical Studies and the [...]

Salud Colectiva History of Public Health Section

- a fine young interdisciplinary journal of health, disease, and medical care from Argentina, with a serious history section


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