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Global Health Histories – Tropical Disease Lecture Series at WHO

Geneva Calling – seminar series in WHO Library on histories of tropical diseases, starts April 8 with Mick Worboys on leprosy and runs till December: Moulin on Guinea worm, Lachenal on sleeping sickness, Bump on onchocerciasis, Bynums on malaria, Kropf on Chagas disease, Dutta on kala azar, Packard on ID and control, Greene on pharmaceuticals [...]

US Army medical photos and illustrations from US National Museum of Health and Medicine

Intriguing collection of US Army medical photos and illustrations from National Museum of Health and Medicine now available on Flickr, and equally intriguing debate about HIPAA chill and other issues

“England’s New Wonders”: Monstrous Births in the Early Modern Period

Personalized reading lists on particular themes – # 3 The motif of birth (and rebirth) was enacted both literally and figuratively in early modern England. A site of political, economic and cultural Renaissance, all of the nation’s major institutions experienced upheaval. The period was one in which insular concerns of the individual and state converged [...]

Livingstone Online

A Livingstonian route into Victorian science and the medical universe of imperial Britain, regularly enriched by site sponsors, History of Medicine at UCL and the Wellcome. Recommended by Charles McMillan

Kaiser Permanente Oral History Project

Follow this state-of-the-art oral history project on the people of Kaiser Permanente, a big historic player in US managed care, overseen by Berkeley’s Bancroft Library

Nursing Caps

What’s in a cap? Neat exhibit on 100 years of this symbol of the nursing profession, from the rich nursing artifact collection of the Canuck Museum of Civilization

Western HM Collection

Teachers and students will enjoy the many resources and modules on the medical history site of the University of Western Ontario, recommended by Aaron Yost

Gotta light?

Gotta light? A lungful of textual and audio-visual sources on the tobacco industry from the UCSF, recommended by Rebecca Hill

Smallpox Eradication and a Good Place to Eat: A Canadian Scientist’s 1967 Brazil Travelogue

In 1966 Connaught Medical Research Laboratories, then part of the University of Toronto, was asked by the World Health Organization to assume a technical oversight role in the global smallpox eradication program. Connaught’s job would be to test batches of vaccine produced by laboratories in Latin America and to carry out site visits and training to insure that vaccines produced in the region met international standards.


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