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Making Visible Embryos

Look at this fascinating exhibition by Tatjana Buklijas and Nick Hopwood on the history of embryo images

A New Approach to VD Treatment in Toronto, 1968-75

Dr. Anne Keyl (1911-1975) was the Director of the Venereal Disease Clinic at the Women’s College Hospital in Toronto. She had been on staff at WCH since graduating with a specialty in obstetrics and gynecology from the University of Toronto in 1937. Under her leadership, by the early 1970s the VD clinic at WCH became [...]

Brasil Imenso Hospital

“Brazil: A Vast Hospital”: The metaphor, coined in a 1916 speech by the physician, Miguel Pereira became one of the most important interpretations of Brazil and resounded as much in intellectual debate over nationalism as in public health policy-making over the subsequent decades. The text of Pereira’s address is reproduced from the Jornal Comércio, 11 [...]

Medicins sans frontieres

Years from now, historians will love Medicins sans frontieres field blogger, Wendy Lai, and many others on this rich site

Historiographical motifs – Ophthalmology

Trying to understand the world of Juan Santos Fernández, an ophthalmologist who was at the center of Cuban medical research and politics for nearly half a century (1874-1922), I found the following works on this extraordinary medical specialty to be particularly helpful [...]

Early Modern Pain

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] Stephen Pender, Director of the Humanities Research Group at the University of Windsor, is currently researching pain in the early modern imagination. He offers erudite commentary on, and a lovely reading from a text by Thomas White, Peripateticall Institutions (London, 1656), introducing us to an intriguing eclectic in [...]


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