Lab News & Updates

(1) Freshwater Restoration Ecology Centre (FERC): See below for pictures of our new research centre located on the Detroit River (running between Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair/Huron) in LaSalle, Ontario.  The centre has a variety of uses, including mecocosm research for water quality issues and fish rearing capabilities for eggs, juvenile and adult fish. The centre will also be host to our new swim flume/respiromter system for Great Lakes Research.  The centre will study threatened species including Lake Sturgeon, bloaters and Atlantic salmon (reintroduction research for the Great Lakes). The facility was constructed with Canada Foundation for Innovation Funding and Ontario Research Fund as well as a partnership with the Town of LaSalle and the University of Windsor.

(2) Spawning Channel Construction in British Columbia: We recently completed building a cage system for studying salmon spawning behaviours in spawning channels

  1. (3)Stevenson Lecture Award (2017): Our lab’s research was recently recognized in the form of the Stevenson Lecture Award and a Plenary Lecture at the upcoming Canadian Conference for Fisheries Research (CCFFR) in Montreal